2021 Managers:

TJ Ahrens: Manager
Lucy Dobson: Assistant Manager
Simon Meyer: Assistant Manager

2021 Lifeguards:

Patrick Ahrens
Alex Dillon
Scott Dobson
Riley Kennedy
Ian O’Loughlin
Myles Schulz
Milo Shrive
Emma Shuck
Brogen Weathers
Brayden Zimmer

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Board Members

Allison Cooney:  President, Grounds Trustee
Gabe Warner:  Vice President, Operations Trustee
Andrea Shrive:  Treasurer
Dara O’Loughlin:  Secretary, Marketing Trustee
Kara Hlebak:  Maintenance Trustee
Heidi Turner: Events Trustee
Amy Shuck/Kelly Braun:  Swim & Dive Team Trustee
Brad Spackman:  Grounds Trustee