Froggies Swim and Dive Team

The North Hills Froggies Swim and Dive Team competes in the Cincinnati Private Pool Club Swim League. The Froggies are always a force to be reckoned with. Our swimmers have a wonderful time, build lasting friendships, and join a decades-long tradition when they sign up for the team.

2019 Swim and Dive Coaches

TJ Ahrens, Co-Head Swim Coach
Parker Saladin, Co-Head Swim Coach
Mo Carolin, Head Dive Coach
Adrienne Storer, Asst. Dive Coach
Heather Meyer, Parent Coordinator

Download: Froggies Registration Form

Being a Froggie is a special opportunity. Our goal as a team is to provide a safe, fun, and rewarding experience for all our swimmers and divers. Any child is welcome to join the team — we have Froggies of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches are great with working with the kids and bringing out the best in every Froggie.

Hard work in practice, exciting competition at meets, and team spirit in abundance make the Froggies the best team in Cincinnati (in our completely biased opinion).

Many North Hills swimmers have gone on to amazing athletic achievements at the high school and collegiate levels. Lots of them will tell you the Froggies were the best team they ever swam for.

Once a Froggie, always a Froggie.

Questions? Contact our swim team coordinator ( for more information.

Practice Schedule
Dive practices (Monday through Thursday):

○ 10:30-11:30 11 and up divers
○ 9:30-10:30 10 and under divers

Swim practices (Monday through Thursday):
○ 9-10:30 11 and up swimmers
○ 10:45-11:45 10 and under swimmers

Fun Fridays: 10-11:30 for all age groups, swim and dive
**The one exception will be during swim ministry week. That is the week of June 24th and more info will go out in the weekly email when we change practice times to accommodate.

Other Details
Pizza lunches: We will continue our tradition of Happy’s Pizza on the days of meets. Kitty Pare and Sue Arnold have volunteered to lead this. A sign up genius will go out for these, and kids can pay by slice or by pizza. The pizza will be here by 11:30 on Fridays to accommodate the meet schedules.
Parents are welcome.

Themes for meets:
○ June 6 (away): superheroes
○ June 13 (away): hawaiian
○ June 20 (home): wear your tie dye shirts
○ June 25 (home): red/white/blue/USA
○ July 2 (home): togas

Skyline Nights: It is tradition to go to Skyline after away meets. We will let you know in each weekly update which Skyline we will be headed to after the meet. There are only two away meets this year.
After home meets, it is tradition to grill up a bunch of hot dogs and kids are able to grab a hot dog (and usually anything left from the bake sale!) once the meet is over.

Spiritwear: We will be ordering from Queen City Spirit once again. The link to order will be emailed out as soon as I hear back from the company. There will be a very quick turnaround to get the first batch by the first meet. After that date, you can still order, but you will have to either drive out there and pick it up yourself or pay to have it shipped.