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How long is the Club season?

  • North Hills Swim Club usually opens Memorial Day weekend and stays open through Labor Day.

How often does the Club close for swim meets?

  • We generally host 2-3 meets per year at North Hills and the pool closes for general swimming during meets.  

Do we have to be members for our children to join the Froggies Swim and Dive team?

  • Yes, this is a requirement of our league, the PPSL. All team members must also be members of the club.

Does the Club offer swim lessons?

  • Our staff offers small group swim lessons – find out more here. Private lessons for adults and children may be available at the discretion of our board and management. You can email us during the swim season at nhswim@gmail.com to inquire. Also, every summer, North Hills Swim Club is host to Swim Ministry, three one-week sessions of intensive 1:1 swim lessons for children. More information about this year’s program can be found here: https://chpc.org/ministries/swim-ministry/ 

Is there an initiation fee or bond to join as a new member?

  • No! In fact, North Hills Swim Club offers new members a discounted rate for the first year! We know you’ll love our club so much, you’ll be back for years to come!

Is the Club a racially diverse place where I will feel welcome?

  • North Hills Swim Club is proud to be a part of a diverse and welcoming neighborhood and we want our members to reflect that diversity. While we’ve made big strides in the last few years, improving this diversity remains one of our goals as we work together to restore and rebuild this classic swim club. We’re a friendly bunch of folks who are passionate about making the club the best summer stay-cation for everyone. Period.

What do you mean when you say the club is member-owned and operated?

  • Although we hire professional managers and guard staff, North Hills is not owned or run by some big pool management company. We’re a registered non-profit sports club, governed by a member-elected board of trustees and managed by teams of committees. This means that by joining the club, you become one of the stakeholders of the club and join our mission of restoring and rebuilding our classic 1960’s gem. We ask our members to contribute to the success and operations of our club by doing things like volunteering for a fun summer event, helping at a swim meet, or even helping with beautification projects.

If the Club is a non-proft corporation, how are my dues used?

  • As a registered legal not-for-profit sports organization, all income from membership dues or fundraising go directly towards facility operations and supplies, utilities, staff payroll, taxes, licenses, permits, and needed repair/maintenance/improvement (as available funds permit.) The Board and committees of the Club are all volunteers and are not financially compensated.